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Tokyo is, without doubt,
a city of superlatives.

The most populous metropolis on earth is the financial heart of Asia and home to the most exciting nightlife scene on the continent. Only in Tokyo do five-star hotels sit next to ancient hot-spring baths, and only here can you relax in a Meiji Period (1868-1912) teahouse before shopping for the latest electronics. Tokyo’s position as the gateway to Asia means that the riches of the Orient – from Buddhist temples to martial arts festivals – are a part of local life. But the city’s international character also guarantees world-class standards in accommodation, dining and fashion. Tokyo and its people have a lot to be excited about us they look to the future.

Under the motto “Towards the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020!” Japan’s capital has its sights set on hosting the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Meanwhile, the recent completion of Tokyo’s tallest skyscraper and the debut of a prominent international marathon ensure that the city remains Asia’s most compelling destination. And of course, the same exotic spirit that has enchanted visitors for 150 years remains a part of every Tokyo neighborhood. So welcome, and enjoy your stay.

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Tokyo breathes with the tradition of four hundred years since the Edo period.
It’s a city that never stops and embraces the future.
Tradition and innovation meet and evolve to create new value here in Tokyo.

Old meets New
It’s the energy and excitement of Tokyo.
Experience the surprises that start here.

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Traditional Japanese entertainments retain their power to amaze and delight

First created in the 17th century, ukiyo-ewoodblock prints are the most renowned examples of Japanese fine art. The prints often depict village life and nature scenes. At the Ota Memorial Museum of Art in Harajuku, visitors can enjoyukiyo-e prints from the Tokugawa Period (1603-1867) through the 20th century.


With an emphasis on freshness and an attention to seasonal ingredients, Japanese cuisine offers something for everyone

This traditional dish features seafood, vegetables and other delicacies that are breaded and fried to a light, golden finish. Some favorite items include shrimp, squid, and sweet potato. Tempura is often eaten with grated radish and a vinegary sauce calledponzu.

Perhaps Japan’s best-loved food, sushi can be eaten as a snack or as a part of a sumptuous feast. Most sushi restaurants offer a side variety of styles, but almost all of them have shrimp, eel, egg, and several varieties of tuna.

Tokyo’s Traditional Crafts

Edo Tokyo Kirari Project

The Edo Tokyo Kirari Project highlights the appeals of things “made in Tokyo” that evolve to fit modern lifestyles.

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<Tokyo Kumihimo(Braided Cords)>

Edo Kiriko’s Shop Hanashyo
<Edo Kiriko(Cut Glassware)>

<Cutting Utensils>

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