Bangkok city
sunset is…

The city of Bangkok has only one season and it is ‘Summer’. Nature has blessed us with this sunshine all year round, the sun does not only provide a source of energy but it provides vibrant colours to the bubbling hub, we are talking heat of 38 degrees, in the city where everyone is on the move.

So after a hard day’s work, battling against the raging sun, the day finally comes to an end, and the scorching heat cools down, we get to see the natural beauty that calms our souls, because the stronger the sun that day, the more vibrant the setting sky will be

When our eyes look upon that sunsetting sky, the orange shade that blends into soft pink then peaceful purple, the shadows casting over the rows of clouds, as if the sky itself is dancing in joy. Take a second to value this moment: to reflect on what the day has brought you.

Today is over, but the sun will rise again, same place, same time, always to remind us that the new day is here – so keep on moving.

Bangkok Ambassador photographers

Pahparn Sirima
Pahparn Sirima
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Pahparn- Sirima Chaipreechawit
Born in 1988, Bangkok Based
Photographer, Curator, Producer, Nike Thailand Ambassador,
Graduated B.A. School of Communication Arts - Faculty of Films

Sirima made her debut into the art circle as the Creative Manager of The Jam Factory where she was also the Gallery Director and the Co-Founder / Editor of The Jam Factory Magazine. A publication which helps discover new and emerging artists to display their talent and voice their stories. Her goal is to interweave artists from different fields to engage with the public and also to open relations and opportunities with leading brand names such as Sony Nike Samsung Epson etc. She is also the founder and creator of the “Art Ground” festival, a well-known art fair in Bangkok that started in 2016. The movement involved local and international artists. Sirima is also one of the judges in the UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka and WONDER FOTO DAY in Taiwan.