Jakarta city
sunset is…

A brief farewell, a few minutes of gloom or a glimpse of colorful goodbye..
Some may consider living in Jakarta is tough, but this city has it's own charm, especially during sunset. Moment when office workers finally leave their desks then walk in the middle of the concrete jungle and thinking of going home. Having estimated population over 12 million people, this capital city is still a magnet for people to achieve their dreams.

Jakarta Ambassador photographers

Marischka Prudence
Marischka Prudence
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Marischka Prudence began her experience as a news journalist on 2008. Her previous job made her travel around the world and Indonesia. Her ability to scuba dive brought her to traveling world. She began hosting a travel program on Indonesia’s news channel tv program, then also hosting and co-producing. She resigned on 2012 to pursue blogging. Now Marischka living a life as a travel blogger and writer, also a social media enthusiast who keeps on spreading the spirit of traveling through Twitter, Instagram, blog and YouTube.