Jakarta city
morning is…

A morning in Jakarta is a love and hate relationship. A ray of morning sun shines through the tall office buildings and paint the pathway to work with golden colors, a comforting sight to encourage people dealing with daily traffic jam in the crowded capital. A city that wakes up too early and almost never sleep, Jakarta is a place we want to escape, but also a place we always wants to come back.

Jakarta Ambassador photographers

Marischka Prudence
Marischka Prudence
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Marischka Prudence began her experience as a news journalist on 2008. Her previous job made her travel around the world and Indonesia. Her ability to scuba dive brought her to traveling world. She began hosting a travel program on Indonesia’s news channel tv program, then also hosting and co-producing. She resigned on 2012 to pursue blogging. Now Marischka living a life as a travel blogger and writer, also a social media enthusiast who keeps on spreading the spirit of traveling through Twitter, Instagram, blog and YouTube.