Bangkok city
morning is…

In Bangkok, the lifestyle is driven so fast by time. Bustling crowds and traffic congestion make the morning of the city not very pleasant. But some people's lifestyles in the west coast have not changed over the time. I am fascinated by the charms of the people in this area, which is rural, peace and simple. It is not very usual in Bangkok. I would like to invite you to visit the west coast of Bangkok and you will understand why I love this place.

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I am Manee Mejai, a little woman photographer from the Northern of Thailand. I'm interested in art and photography is the way I choose to tell stories. I started taking photos since high school and created a fan page named "Maneemejai Photographer". I published the works through social media with a unique identity which is different from others. I'm interested in storytelling through portraits of women and exotic locations along with the composition of the space.