Hanoi city
morning is…

Steeped in over 1,000 years of history, Vietnam’s northern capital is a myriad of textures, tastes, sounds and stories. Firmly grounded in tradition, Hanoi maintains its old-world charm despite its rapid modernization and ever increasing high rises. Lakeside cafes, early morning markets, colonial era French architecture, and a slow pace of life still dominate Hanoi’s quiet corners. Waking up before sunrise, the city rouses and stirs. Observing from a stool top is one of the best ways of experiencing the rich tapestry of Hanoi.

Hanoi Ambassador photographers

Lee Starnes
Lee Starnes
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"Forming bonds and sharing stories is a tradition as old as humanity. While the tools change, the communal and social value of telling stories remains as important as ever. Using the visual medium of photography gives me the opportunity to share experiences and build relationships with people all over the world.

I’ve traveled all over Asia Pacific shooting stories for The Guardian, CNN and various other international outlets. When I’m not on assignment, I’m spending time with my wife, Urica, and our dog, Barley."