Hanoi city
sunset is…

While sunset often conjures up images of beaches and sundowners, as the sun sets of Vietnam’s northern capital of Hanoi, life bustles in the streets, fisherman come out to the many lakes, and vendors sell their wares on the street. It’s the city’s energy that doesn’t rest or cease though the day transitions to evening. Often Hanoi’s afternoons fade into evening in a mist of 1000 years of history adding a sense of mystery as the light falls.

Hanoi Ambassador photographers

Lee Starnes
Lee Starnes
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Forming bonds and sharing stories is a tradition as old as humanity. While the tools change, the communal and social value of telling stories remains as important as ever. Using the visual medium of photography gives me the opportunity to share experiences and build relationships with people all over the world.

I’ve traveled all over Asia Pacific shooting stories for The Guardian, CNN and various other international outlets. When I’m not on assignment, I’m spending time with my wife, Urica, and our dog, Barley.