Seoul city
morning is…

A new morning means a new beginning in the city of Seoul. Despite being a 24 hour city, Seoul starts later in the morning to recover from the late work hours from the previous night. Therefore as the morning light creeps in, the city gets awake to prepare for another busy evening, when the dynamic city becomes alive.

Seoul Ambassador photographers

Ken Lum Lee
Ken Lum Lee
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Ken Lum Lee was born and raised in London, UK. A Marketing Business major and a photographer wannabe, Ken decided to leave the UK to seek more colour and seasoning in which the world can offer, hence the blog started. A coffee and oreos addict and a lover of all things unique and weird. Currently a Brand Ambassador for Nespresso. Ken has been featured in popular media outlets such as The Huffington Post, TimeOut Seoul, Allkpop, and the Instagram blog.