About Metro Manila city

Manila is a bustling city — busy all throughout the year. This is apparent from the yearly Feast of the Black Nazarene every 9th of January to the alleys of Divisoria, the downtown area of Manila where people flock to buy cheap goods for the holidays.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the world seemingly came to a halt. Normal activities like playing on the streets, taking public transport, and gathering in public were suddenly put on pause. While these photos look back on our lives before COVID, they also let us visualize what can we look forward to when the world heals.

Metro Manila Ambassador photographers

Jilson Tiu
Jilson Tiu
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Jilson Tiu is professional photographer and photojournalist based in the Philippines. He contributes stories and documentaries to online and print publications in both local and international news and media. His personal works focus on street photography. He also tackles environmental and social issues through his personal documentary and NGO works.