Manila city
morning is…

When day break approaches Philippines' busiest city, slow movements are shown by people going by their morning under the blue cold morning at 5am and as the calming hue is gleamed by the sunrise. Shining the hustling people with the warm light that gives them energy to move into transit, jiving with fast phase movement around the bustling city as they receive energy from the radiant sun. Sunrise, so magnificent we look away from it as it overwhelms us.

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Jilson Tiu
Jilson Tiu
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Jilson Tiu is a freelance photographer and photojournalist based in the Philippines. He contributes stories and documentaries to online and print publications in both local and international media. His personal projects focus on street photography. He also tackles environmental and social issues through his personal documentary work. His work has been featured in various Instagram accounts (Nat Geo Your Shot, Instagram, and Google). Follow his work on Instagram: @jilson.tiu