Kualalumpur city
sunset is…

As the golden hour gleams through the cityscape, the urban dwellers rush out to catch the final glimpse of the sun before settling in to unwind. Urbanites here anticipate evening tea time rituals under the orange sky. Coffee shops and food stalls at heritage spots start cooking up vast varieties of delicious local food and snacks, tempting passersby with its many scents. It is a tradition and a nostalgic Malaysian experience everyone should try out.

Kualalumpur Ambassador photographers

Fareez Siva
Fareez Siva
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Fareez Siva is a Malaysian self-taught photographer and graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur. Attracted by colourful scenes and still life, his photography evokes a particular feel to it, effortlessly reflecting the mood of where he is with an eye for the finer details in unexpected places. His photography doesn’t necessarily pin itself to a specific category in photography but it’s his vision that he manifests so harmoniously in every photo he composes visually.