Delhi city
morning is…

This city wakes up with the cup of tea followed by offering prayers. Old Delhi’s innate charm lies in the hustle bustle of its narrow lanes bursting at their seams with people. The roads mostly occupied with bullock carts and hand-pulled carts, continues to captivate everyone in the demand of modernized world. It’s a hub for labourers to earn their livelihood. One thing which remained pristine is the closeness and togetherness of the communities.

Delhi Ambassador photographers

Chandan Khanna
Chandan Khanna
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Chandan Khanna is a photojournalist working with Agence France-Presse (AFP) based out of Shanghai, China and New Delhi, India. Khanna started his photography career in the year 2014, AFP is his first job as a professional photographer. Earlier Khanna was enrolled into a business administration course which he chose not to complete and follow his passion of photography instead.