About Tomsk city

You cannot enter the same river twice - we said yesterday. The World will never be the same again - we say today. The world changes every moment and these changes - not in glossy tourist avenues, but in the voices of children running along the new alley of the Camp Garden - where the camp of the famous 38th Imperial Regiment stood 200 years ago, in the atmosphere of streets leading from museums to the University, which means - to the future. He is waiting for you - always new and young - Tomsk.

Tomsk Ambassador photographers

Andrey Chernyshov
Andrey Chernyshov
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I'm a native Siberian - ancestors came to Siberia more than 120 years ago. I'm the head of one of the advertising firms of Novosibirsk and the member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. Thanks to my grandfather, I got carried away with photography from early childhood. During my studies at the institute I was the director of the student photo club. Prizewinner of several city and all-Russian photo competitions. I regularly hold personal photo exhibitions. Despite the fact that I have been in more than 30 countries of the world, I consider Siberia the most interesting place of the Earth.