Photo Contest

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Share your
Special Moments
in The 10 Attractive
Cities in Asia

Contest Period

23 MAY - 31 JULY 2019

Contest Theme

My Favorite Sunset Scenes of Asian Cities
This contest is intended for photos of following ten cities: Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Metro Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Tomsk and Tokyo


Best Photo Award: Each city selects special prizes for Best Photo Award winners. *1 photo from each city
Excellence Award: A personalized photo canvas printed with your photo selected by the jury. *5 photos from each city.

Prize winners of best awards and excellence awards will be contacted by the Campaign Office via Instagram direct messaging and therefore please check it out.

How to apply

Follow us on Instagram.
Simply share your sunset photos on Instagram and use the hashtags #wta_sunset and #wta_[insert name of city], during the contest period.
All are welcome to submit photos, including professional photographers.


An entrant can enter photos as many times as he/she wants. However, we may cancel entries if the photos are all similar.
Both color and black & white photos are accepted. However, manipulated images such as digitally composed photos are not accepted.
There is no regulation for camera models and image formats. We recommend to enter images of 1024(long side) and less than 3MB file.
Photos which would violate a third party's right (Copy right/Portraits right) are not accepted. If any troubles are caused by the entered photos, Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia (CPTA) has no responsibilities for the troubles.
We prohibit entries of photos which violate public order and molality. Photos related to political, religious, and advertising activities are also not accepted.
Photos already have entered or planning to enter other contests are not accepted. Also, photos have selected for this contest before are not accepted.
Entered photos and entrant’s name, including Instagram account information, may, in CPTA’s sole discretion, be used for our promotion including web site, SNS, posters, and events with free of charge. Right to use the photo images belong to CPTA including image trimming and color adjustment for prints.
CPTA has a right to end the photo posts or not to post the photos on Instagram without noticing the contest entrants in advance.
Entrants must follow CPTA's management policy including how to select photos and criteria of the selection. CPTA will not accept any objection from the entrants.
This web site is subject to change and end without notice.
Parental consent is required for entrants under 18 years old.
CPTA will manage obtained personal information properly by a third party server.
If any prize notification or attempted notification is returned as undeliverable, the prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner.
No transfer of right, substitution, or cash equivalent for any prizes will be permitted.
Failure of any photo to comply with the above regulations, may result in disqualification for the award.