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The Tomsk Region House of Art
Situated in Tomsk’s one of the most mesmerizing mansions House of Art is the main attraction point for both local and national artists. In addition, it serves as the base for creative unions and associations from Tomsk and its region. The literary museum dedicated to authors from Tomsk and to poets and writers whose lives was anyhow connected to our town can also be found in the House of Art. Besides this, literary meetings and excursions with the writers are available for the guests.
How to get there
To get to Tomsk it is best to take plane from any country and fly to Tomsk with a layover in Moscow. It is also possible to fly to Novosibirsk and from there travel to Tomsk by bus for 3-4 hours. OAP products providers are located in the historical downtown.
10 Shishkova St., Tomsk, 634050, Tomsk Region
Business hours
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 – 18:00
Special offer
Get 15% discount on entrance fee
How to use the special offer
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Contact details
8 (3822) 52-68-34