The Melting Pot of the Philippines — and even Asia!

Metro Manila is your all-around metropolis — vibrant, fun, rich, cultural, and the list goes on. This is your one-of-a-kind metro with 16 cities and one (1) town, in which all of them are accessible to tourists. These places are shouting of excitement and cultural wonder. The 11 million Filipinos residing in a 636 Metro Manila are known to be hospitable, and they are excited to meet everyone from different parts of the world. Metro Manila is also your first pit stop to other wonderful places of the Philippines. Before you bask under the sweet sun in Boracay, swim and dive the blue lagoons of Palaw n, or even climb nature’ s spot in the northern areas, Metro Manila is guaranteed to give you that “home away from home” experience first before travelling to other parts of the country. Come and visit the Gateway to the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Mabuhay and Welcome to Metro Manila!



Metro Manila is the cultural embellishment of the country. Celebration of arts through film, theater, festivals; and speaking of festivals, Metro Manila has an assortment of it – there’s Chinese New Year, Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, and the cities celebrate their own fiestas where tourists can watch their parade. We were colonized by Spaniards before, and most of our art were influenced by them. However, before they came here, Philippines has its own indigenous art already. There is tinkling – one of our traditional dances, and for sure, your feet is up to the challenge. Speaking of historical art, Metro Manila is also home to various art museums. The National Museum of the Philippines splendors the greatest arf pieces [such as fhe Spolarium) of Philippine history. For a geeky experience, there is Mind Museum located af the heart of Bonifacio Global City. There is no other than Metro Manila which can give you the best oriental art experience in Asia. Visit us and you will surely fall in love.



Being the hot pot of the Philippines, Metro Manila is home to various cuisines – Philippine Adobo, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Nilaga, in which they have unique flavors that your tastebuds will surely look forward to. Pateros, one of Metro Manila’s locality and the only municipality, is famous for its Balut or Penoy (Unfertilized Duck Egg). Aside from the unfertilized duck egg, Metro Manila is also home to other indigenous/exotic food. Details will not be spoiled, so better visit the Metro in order to taste our dishes and create memories with food.

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